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Start Your Business

Your Business – Getting Started

“There are a number of plans advising how to start a business. For those of you who will accept nothing less than the best, foolproof directives, please proceed to success. Upon arrival, jump into Mr. Peabody’s ‘way-back’ machine and tell the rest of us how you did it. For the rest of you, do your research, use your best judgment and work hard. With a little luck you’ll do just fine.” —Unknown

Lake Highlands is Open for Business

We want to help you open your business and be successful. If there’s one thing certain about starting a business, it’s that there is no single “right” way to do it. There are as many ways to launch a successful business as there are ideas. A doctor’s office will follow different strategies than a high-tech entrepreneur might. However, there are some basic processes that all businesses should follow to ensure you have set a successful foundation for long-term sustainability and healthy commerce.

To help you get there, the Lake Highlands Chamber has compiled a list of resources. You should in no way consider this list exhaustive. We suggest you include your creativity on searching the web, the Small Business Administration, SCORE, local community colleges, and trade associations, among other resources

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