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Why Business in LH?

Why business in Lake highlands?

Lake Highlands: We’re Open for Business

As with all real estate deals, it’s about location, location, location! Let us show you how Lake Highlands delivers on all counts when it comes to being a great home for business.

Homeowners support businesses near home

Nearly 70 percent of Lake Highlands community members own detached homes, with a median value of about $377,000. Six out of 10 people commute less than 30 minutes to work. That means people can and will do business close to their homes. Are you capturing this opportunity?

Lake Highlands can afford your services

Nearly 50 percent of our residents are college educated. Fixty-eight percent are married with a median income of about $67,500. One in three has children, which means they will buy goods and services for their kids and themselves. The majority (64 percent) of the homes were built in the 60s and 70s, offering a steady opportunity for contractors. Do you offer commodities for this demographic?

Lake Highlands is a sweet spot

We are minutes away from some of the most exclusive names in retail, which can be found in closeby North Park Center. Lake Highlands is just a quick jaunt away to either Love Field or DFW airports, available by rail, which makes multiple stops throughout Lake Highlands convenient. We host all major local grocery stores in DFW, as well as an abundance of health care providers. We have access to major highways and municipal arteries for travel elsewhere. What we need is you – local entrepreneurs. Are you ready to join us?

Are you looking for a new location?

Lake Highlands is open for business. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how this area can serve your needs. We have available office, warehouse and manufacturing space, and we have open, undeveloped land likely zoned to fit your needs. Come explore this jewel in the crown of Dallas.

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